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GivingTuesday is an opportunity for you to contribute back to the organisations who have worked hard in your community throughout the year.

You can get creative with your giving. Try something new, or something wild, or something challenging. Give how you want to give!

Want to learn more about GivingTuesday and ways you can give back? Check out our resources below or sign up for our newsletter to find out how you can get more involved in the movement. 



Everyone has a giving story. What's yours?

Australian communities are bound together by the millions of acts of generosity that happen across the country each year. These stories are often left untold. Let's make December 1 about sharing the giving stories closest to our hearts.


Whether it's about a time you donated money, fundraised, gave away your clothes, signed a petition, helped out a neighbour, or cleaned up your local park, it's time to tell your #MyGivingStory and inspire others to give too!

How to get involved

1. Write or record your #MyGivingStory

Think of a meaningful giving experience that made you feel happy, fulfilled or connected to your community. Put your story together and either write it down or film a quick clip of you telling it. Make sure you include:

How you gave

Who you gave to

Why you gave

How giving made you feel

2. Post it to social media

Choose one (or all) social media platform to post your story to. Make sure you include the #MyGivingStory hashtag and the name of the organisation your story is about.


3. Tag, tag, tag!

To ensure your story is heard and collected by the GivingTuesday Australia team, make sure you tag them. If you know another friend with a giving story, tag them too!


Fb: @GivingTuesdayAus

Tw: @GivingTuesAus
Insta: @givingtuesdayaus



Volunteering your time can help organisations. From phone-banking to tree planting, organisations often have tasks which require lots of hours from volunteers.


If you work in an in-demand profession, such as web development or legal advice, you can potentially ask your workplace to release you for the day to volunteer.



Financial donations are a great way to ensure community organisations can continue running their programs. Donations don't always have to be large to make a difference.

Regular donations, given monthly or fortnightly, also help organisations plan ahead.



Goods are important for community organisations that need normally expensive or rare items. It's also a great opportunity to reuse pre-loved items.

Clothing and furniture are widely accepted by charity op shops. Donations of goods can also be blood donations, or maybe you can sign up to the organ donor registry this year.



Some causes require people to speak up and speak out in order to create the change necessary to improve people's lives, or our environment.

You can give your voice through letter writing, attending or organising a peaceful protest, or speaking to your local member of parliament.


If you don't have a regular organisation you donate to, jump onto any social media platform and search for GivingTuesdayAUS to participate in GivingTuesday. Reach out and see how you can help!

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