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GivingTuesday is an opportunity for you to inspire individuals and businesses to give back to your cause.


There are loads of ways you can engage your supporters on GivingTuesday. Here are just a few suggestions, but get creative and try something new!


Engage your volunteers on GivingTuesday.  Can they help you that day? Maybe you can ask them to pledge their time for an upcoming program. GivingTuesday can also be an opportunity to thank them for all their hard work for the year.


Create a 24 hour fundraising challenge on GivingTuesday for a specific project or cause. Or kick off your giving season campaign on GivingTuesday, when the rest of the nation is talking about generosity and gifting.


If you need donations of new or second hand goods, open your doors that day and ask you community to drop things into you. You could approach a local school and have all the children donate goods that you can collect on GivingTuesday. 


Make GivingTuesday the day that you get your supporters, who believe in your mission, to speak up about it!  Mobilise them to write an email or send a post to spread the word.  Get them to be your advocates for the day! 

GivingTuesday Australia content was developed by the team at GiveNow, an enterprise of Our Community. Contact us if we can help you with your online fundraising needs!

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