Australia Gives Thanks, Tuesday May 5

We’ve seen Italy, Britain and New York pay tribute. Now it’s our turn.

To help launch #GivingTuesdayNow – the global celebration of generosity and giving – Australians are being encouraged to take a few minutes on Tuesday May 5 to thank those who have kept us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can give your thanks solo, with your family, colleagues or with members of a club or group. It can be serious or lighthearted, online or in the real world. (We have some tips below.)

Here's who we think deserves an ovation, but you can be as broad or specific as you like! 

  • our doctors and nurses, lab workers, cleaners, receptionists, admin staff, security and I.T professionals in our hospitals and GP clinics;

  • our supermarket shelf stackers and checkout operators;

  • our pharmacists and chemist staff;

  • our truckies, couriers and food deliverers;

  • our carers and educators of our kids and vulnerable communities;

  • and all those who have gone above and beyond.



The team at Our Community give thanks
Our Community says Thanks


  1. Remember to hit the record button!

  2. If your group has a common interest - a sports team, gardening, an animal, a sport - let it show in how you dress. If you are a musical group or choir - get musical. If you're animal lovers, bring them into the fold.

  3. Can you do more than clap? Try musical instruments, hooters, pots and pans. A toast may be in order (depending on the time of day) we won't judge.

  4. You need an introduction (see below). Keep it short, sweet and upbeat. Someone appropriate should say a few words to start things off.

  5. Don’t let it die down – encourage it along with a well-placed “for the doctors….for the supermarket workers…for the teachers etc.) 

  6. You could choose to ask for a mini ovation for each group mentioned above. It’s all up to you.

  7. When things have died down thank everybody, then share your ovation internally and on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesdayNow and tag GivingTuesday Australia. That way, the people being thanked can hear about it.​



Welcome everybody!

Many of us are feeling stressed, isolated and concerned for our financial futures but we also know that we’ve been remarkably lucky in Australia thanks to the hard work of many people – some of whom were not considered essential until we realised that they were.

So we at (organisation / group name) thought it’d be a good idea to gather together and show some appreciation to the people who have kept us safe over these last crazy couple of months.


And by appreciation – I want to hear some real appreciation. So get ready…

It’s time to say thanks…
•    to the doctors, nurses, and lab workers – all those heroes in personal protection equipment. 
•    to all those that keep our clinics and hospitals open – receptionists, cleaners, security and yes – even the I.T departments.
•    to our supermarket heroes working 24/7 surrounded by stressed-out toilet-paper-seeking hoards, as they stack shelves and staff the checkouts. 
•    to the couriers, delivery drivers and food delivery folk – gig economy workers keeping us supplied and fed. 
•    to the educators who are teaching our kids from a distance, often while parenting their own kids.
•    to those behind the scenes – the researchers, scientists, epidemiologists, data crunchers and scientists – maybe we should listen to you more often.


OK – there’s a lot of people to thank. Let me hear some noise!!!!