There's a new #GivingTuesday campaign in town, and it's bringing youth of the world together. #GivingTuesdayKids is led by 12-year-old Khloe Thompson and a team of youth ambassadors, who decided that they wanted to bring youth from across the world to celebrate the joy of giving. #GivingTuesdayKids is all about encouraging young people to take action around the causes they care about most on GivingTuesday.

On December 3, 2019, kids all over the world will lead volunteer projects, acts of kindness, and epic givebacks, proving that everyone has the power to make change in their communities and that everyone has something to give. If you're a young person (or know a young person) that wants to do some good this year, get involved in #GivingTuesdayKids. More details: https://www.givingtuesdaykids.org/