How to thank supporters during #GivingTuesdayNow

As we ask the community to rally around the #GivingTuesdayNow campaign it is important that we not-for-profits show our gratitude to those who get involved.

Thanking our supporters means greater involvement, awareness and donations for not-for-profits.

There are many ways to show your gratitude to the supporters who will selflessly give amidst the disarray of 2020.

Let your supporters know why their generosity matters

Last Giving Tuesday, Edgar’s Mission raised over $50,000. A remarkable achievement for the animal sanctuary.

Edgar’s Mission regularly updated their fundraising tally throughout the day via twitter, sharing their gratitude and a photo of the employees, volunteers and most importantly the wonderful animals.

Taking the time to give your supporters a real glimpse into why their donation matters and what it might be going towards - like Nero’s vet treatment – will show them how much it is valued. It might even help encourage generosity in others.

Get creative

Humans Helping Dogs, a passionate Western Australian not-for-profit improving the lives of dogs, proved last December that appreciation can come in many colours.

Their Giving Tuesday fundraiser for Greyhound Adoption WA saw a rainbow of knitted hounds posted around Australia to those who made a $50 donation.

At a time when personally thanking supporters is more unfeasible than ever, a lovingly knitted token could be the perfect way to meaningfully engage with supporters.


A video message can be an effective call to arms on giving Tuesday, but it can also be a great way to say thanks to those who have given their time, money or voice to your cause.

When it comes to videos there is no harm in being innovative and creative. A video will be much more effective if it is engaging. Afterall, COVID-19 has seen us all brush up on our on-camera communication.

Videos are an easy way to thank supporters of a not-for-profit. The organisation’s CEO, or a group of colleagues, could front the camera and show their appreciation.

Keep them in the loop

Supporters will feel valued by your not-for-profit if they are included, especially on a day like Giving Tuesday.

Using social media to share your not-for-profits giving Tuesday goals and updates is a useful way to include supporters in the discussion and - even better - share in the achievements together.

Tweeting regularly can be a useful way to do this. Infographics, images and gifs will sweeten the deal.

Melbourne Writers Festival announcing that they had reached halfway of their fundraising goal is a good example of this kind of engagement.

Just remember – when providing an update, be sure to thank your supporters for their generosity.

With a card

When it comes to showing someone you care, a card has been the go-to choice for centuries. Even as we increasingly opt for our phones and laptops, something handwritten still seems personal and special.

A traditional thank you card to generous supporters will show them you care.

Last December, the Tasmanian Land Conservatory doubled down on the generosity of the day by encouraging donations on behalf of a friend, who would then receive a thank-you card.

This strategy made a single donation a gift for two and it could easily be adapted by many types of not-for-profits.

This could also boost donations, as people choose to pay it forward and donate on behalf of someone else after receiving their thank-you card.