Ways to give thanks

Giving Tuesday is about much more than donating money to causes you care about. It’s about celebrating generosity, in all its forms. This May we want to see everyone spreading gratitude in the name of those who are helping our national community handle COVID-19.

We’ve seen people across the UK embrace the weekly tradition of applauding their National Health Service (NHS) to recognise the extraordinary efforts of NHS workers. Balconies in Spain and Italy have hosted similar public displays of gratitude.

As we grapple with these uncertain and scary times, it’s essential we give thanks to everyone who has helped our community adapt and manage. Any act of thanks is encouraged.

Who to thank

Your thanks can be as broad or as specific as you like, so long as it’s meaningful. There are thousands of people who we have come to depend on more than ever during this pandemic and Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to show them how much they matter.

There could be specific people in your life worthy of praise; your neighbour, who dropped off food to people self-isolating, your child’s teacher, who is tirelessly working to make sure kids don’t fall behind online or your exhausted local grocer, working extra hours to ensure we can all be fed.

You could thank anybody or everybody who keeps our health system going, from the cleaners to the surgeons.

Or, you might like to take a moment to thank pharmacists and chemist staff, aged care nursers, delivery drivers, couriers, truckies, supermarket shelf stackers, those still making our takeaway food and coffees, and childcare workers.

Anyone who has adapted to keep us all going through this pandemic. It could be the nurse you know well, or someone you will never meet.

How to thank

The old saying that ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ seems suitable here, because there’s at least as many ways to say thanks.

If you’re lost for ideas, don’t worry it’s easy and we’ve got plenty.

  • Posting thank you cards or writing emails is always a good way of telling someone you’re grateful for their efforts personally.

  • You could also leave a short note for someone you have noticed who deserves recognition. A surprise gesture of kindness rarely goes unwanted.

  • Social media platforms are also a great way to spread the message. Use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to let individuals, community groups or organisations know you are grateful for what they have been doing. You could even try TikTok.

  • You could tag someone in your Instagram story and challenge them to thank three more.

  • And of course, get involved with the ovation across the nation. Record a video of your thanks and share it with your workplace and across social media with the #GivingTuesdayNow hashtag.

When to thank

May 5th – Giving Tuesday – is the perfect day to take a moment and reflect on who deserves a thank you. This could be an ovation video you post on social media with the #GivingTuesdayNow hashtag, or a more traditional way of showing thanks.

But really, every day is the perfect day to show our gratitude. Let’s just use May 5th to get the ball rolling.