When to donate

This article has been adapted with permission from the original by Kathy Richardson, executive director of Our Community.

Deciding when to give is relatively simple. Give when you can.

Restrictions might be easing but on the whole disruption to our normal lives continues. Giving is still vital as we come to terms with the - much prophesised - “new normal”.

We tend to be more generous when it comes to giving in response to a particular crisis. Think about pacing your donations.

Remember the “continuous note” analogy – a choir can hold a beautiful note strongly and continuously for a very long time, even while people drop out to take a quick breath when needed, provided there are enough voices left to carry the note on. Right now, we need as many of us as possible to be adding our voices to the choir, but we should take time to step out when we need a rest.

Many groups favour smaller, ongoing donations over larger one-off donations as it allows them to forecast their income more accurately, and plan accordingly.

Consider setting up a monthly donation if you think your own situation is likely to be stable over the next 12 months or so. This is a great way to give reliable support to a cause but remember to review your donations. It’s important our giving is still in response to a genuine need and are also within our own capacity. To find an organisation that needs help, head to the COVID-19 Generosity Register.

When it comes to COVID-19, we should adjust our giving responsively as needs change.