Why it's important to Give Time

Time has always been a popular and powerful way to contribute on Giving Tuesday. However, as we all adjust to our ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely giving time will look a little bit different this time around.

Giving time is still a great way to give and be a part of a community group, cause, or initiative. If you can’t give time now, think about pledging time in the coming months. Or, if you plan on volunteering now, think about what skills you could donate to a not-for-profit from your own home.

Giving time to help the organisations that unite your community and make a difference to society can be just as – if not even more - important than donating money or material wares.

Lots of not-for-profits rely heavily on the generosity of their volunteers. After all, time is our most valuable commodity and if spent purposefully it can make a huge difference.

While, we find ourselves social distancing and trying our best to keep each other safe, consider registering with a local community group that is important to you and give time at a later date. Or, pledge to give time to a not-for-profit when you find your days are a little less distanced.

But there is still lots to be done right now. All manner of skills, experiences and availabilities will be of great use to an organisation. It is simply a matter of finding the right match.

You may not realise it, but you probably have many skills that are useful to a not-for-profit you’re passionate about. Many of which won’t require any face-to-face contact or interaction. No one ever said volunteering can’t be done from the couch.

Perhaps consider the needs of your local sports club, environmental group, or any other inspiring initiative. If you have social media savvy, a flare for communication, or you’re a dynamo for design, your skills could all be donated remotely and be of tremendous use to an organisation in need.

If you’re lost for ideas or just want a helping hand finding somewhere that needs a remote volunteer check out Go Volunteer’s inventory of online volunteering opportunities. You might just find the perfect fit!

Remember the value of time on May 19th and find the most meaningful way to spend yours.